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Telenor 5GB Free Internet Data with 4G SIM Offer

Telenor 5GB Free Internet. In the event, you are a Telenor client. You have not updated your SIM to Telenor 4G. Then you are qualified to avail 5GB Telenor FREE Internet with Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer in Rs. 0 (Including Tax). Here, you can discover total subtleties on how to enact 4G on Telenor SIM, its price, validity, coverage, eligibility and more.

To enjoy Free 5GB Internet, get your old Telenor SIM supplanted with 4G SIM in just Rs. 100 . To experience quickest downloading, perusing, streaming and the sky is the limit from there.

1. Telenor 3G SIM convert to 4G Offer Details

2. Telenor 4G SIM Activation Code

3. Telenor 4G SIM Check Eligibility

1. Telenor 3G SIM convert to 4G Offer Details:

Telenor 5GB Free Internet, On moving up to Telenor 4G Network. You can get the accompanying motivating forces for totally FREE-of-cost.

Get 5GB Free Internet for non-quit streaming, staying associated with friends, downloading, browsing, playing games and parts more.

2. Telenor 4G SIM Activation Code:

Telenor 5GB Free Internet, There are 2 distinct strategies to initiate Telenor 4G SIM (1) For New/Port-in Telenor Customers (2) For Existing Telenor Customers. The two strategies are referenced beneath, kindly follow one as per the class you fall in:

(I) For New/Port-in Telenor Customers:

On the off chance, you have ported-in to Telenor 4G Network from another arrange or have bought another Telenor 4G SIM. Then you should follow underneath referenced strategy.

Visit any nearest Telenor Franchise, and get a Telenor 4G LTE SIM

Insert Telenor SIM in your phone (ensure, the handset is as of now 4G LTE empowered).

For better network, we would prescribe you to embed the SIM Card in Slot 1. (In case, if there are various SIM Card Slots accessible in your phone).

Then, at that point Go to > Settings > Select 4G/LTE as current network.

At that point Dial Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer Code 1925 > Choose Option 1. You can likewise type START and can send it in SMS to 1925 for Service Activation (Toll-Free).

In subsequent stage, you should get a re-energize of Rs. 100 or more to benefit Telenor 4G SIM Offer for absolutely FREE.

(ii). For Telenor Existing Customers:

Assuming you are as of now utilizing a Telenor SIM. You should follow underneath referenced technique.

Go to > Write Message Option > Type 4G <space> SIM no. (Telenor New 4G SIM number) > Send it to Telenor 4G SIM check code 59111 (Toll-Free).

Insert new Telenor 4G SIM, when your old SIM is impaired. We would prescribe you to embed SIM in Slot 1 for better availability experience.

Go to > Settings > Select LTE/4G as Network

Get a re-energize of Rs. 100 or more to avail Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer in Rs. 0

3. Telenor 4G SIM Check Eligibility:

To check whether you are qualified to profit Telenor 4G SIM Offer or not. Please visit here This way, you would know if your handset is LTE viable.

Extra Details:

  • Check Telenor 4G Coverage Map here
  • Telenor 4G Capable Handset List here
  • Check Telenor 4G Authorized Franchise List here

Terms and Conditions:

Offer is liable to change at whenever with no notification.

  • Utilizing SIMs without legitimate documentation is a wrongdoing – PTA
  • For additional help dial Telenor Helpline 345 anytime or visit Telenor Official Website

That was about Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer. Stay tuned for seriously fascinating news, audits and updates coming your direction!

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